catwallpaper (catwallpaper) wrote,

I have the feelings I cannot say; I have the heart I cannot express
Because I know I'm far much less than the best
Let my lonely mind take a rest!
Let my blood bleed from my chest!
What is electricity?
Run through me
Stay with me
Play with electricity
Must I sustain it?
I have the notes that do not compare; I have the bleach in my hair
Because I want them to stare
Tell you life is unfair
Tell you we do not care
What is rare?
Run through me
Lead me there
Put it in your black lined glare
Play with your body
Do I have to give it up?
What is electricity?
Will I stay with me?
Satanic martyr: I will die for the potency of my blood
I will die for the sanction I love
I will die
For electricity in, in, in me
I've got electricity in, in, in me
Is it in you too?
I'm shocked by the vibrancy of you
Can I have some of that too?
Feelings we do not say; hearts we do not hear
Where do I put this cursed fear?
in, in, in me
in, in, in you
Let it be me too
      be, be, be me too
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