catwallpaper (catwallpaper) wrote,

There is one more thing I must scavenge for in the forest of today. Before I cast off my memories to the abyss, before I crawl into my daydreams, I will entertain this idea. I am walking through the woods. The night is dark, somewhat chilly, and leaves crunch under my shoes. The air has a gentle pine scent; the stars are slightly visible through the canopy of leaves overhead. I have a gun with one bullet. The area is poisonous, riddled with monsters that prey on human life, human dreams... If you are bitten by one of the monsters, which manifest as pitch-black shadows, you become one of them. This is a game to me, as I long ago was bitten, yet I did not turn. Every now and again, I see someone struggle, but I am too late to shoot the beast.
Then one night, as I sulk around kicking stones, I am caught in a scuffle. A stranger, fully human, is about to attacked by a monster; the shadow lingers behind a great tree. The unsuspecting victim is, will be, taken, unless the monster is stopped. I have a bullet in my gun; I could save this person's dreams. The things which cross my mind in this moment are my own mortality, specifically the idea that I may be killed/mutilated if I cannot defend myself at a later date. Remember that I only have one bullet. The most moral thing to do would be to save the stranger, yes? I outstretch my hands with the gun wrapped in them, my finger hovering over the trigger. I squint in the semi-darkness, aiming for the heart of the shadow. But, hold on just a moment. Could not there be another instance like this in the future? What makes this stranger's life more valuable in my eyes than that of a future stranger? Are not the lives equal in theory? Two separate instances, they are completely the same, if we disregard time. However, there is that uncertainty, the uncertainty of whether or not a future stranger shall appear. My finger shifts shakily, firing the gun, killing the beast. The near-victim is startled, runs to thank me, offers me food. I am glad then that I did not save my move for a future moment which may never have arisen.
This forest is a life and death situation; the strangers that lurk are presences of your own mind. Do not hesitate to pull the trigger; do not wait to save the "right one." Do not wait for your time to come, or "they" will eliminate you.
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