catwallpaper (catwallpaper) wrote,

Goodbye, pretty sky!
Count to ten; go run and hide!
Too bad we'll never be found
Too bad I've taken the long way around
Red, Red, Red roses
come and go under our noses

Where are the keys to my heart?
How did they fall from my grasp?
Why should the clouds ever part?
Goodbye pretty sky
I'll miss your art

Oh no! don't you ask me why!!!!!!!!
No don't ask why!!!!!

Goodbye, my dreams!
Goodbye, my loves
You seem to elude me now
I break apart at the seams
Is it the thing I felt?
Is it the reincarnation of the essence of my childhood self?

Where did the keys to my heart go?
how did they fall from my grasp?
Where it goes, I do not know
Goodbye, lifeless lies
I'll miss your gentle eyes

Falling through oblivion; the space between my life and my soul
Don't I try to make me whole
The fear I'll never reach my goal
puts in me a gaping hole

But it could never matter
Good bye sky, let the rain fall dry
Strike me; let me die
Let me die
You know I cry the tears you will not
Never getting what I've sought
Being constantly wrought

Between my life and my soul
don't I try to make me whole
This fear I'll never reach my goal
puts in me a gaping hole

Patch my wounds
Hold me for many moons
Do not leave me too soon
My soul, my love, my dreams
Never loose the intangible gleam
Never let me go
Never, never let me go
Never, never, oh no...

But I don't know!
Who fucking cares!
I just wanna do my hair
In all the colors of the rainbow

Goodbye, pretty sky!
I'll mimick your style
Then become a monster most vile
As the night descends
Daylight ends
Hell sends
A guide to...
strike me; let me die
let me die
A guide to...
patch my wounds
never let me go

Unlock the door to my heart
Let the real dream start
From my soul, I will never part
Even if it's not smart
Hello, pretty sky!
why do I still want to die!
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