catwallpaper (catwallpaper) wrote,

Go ahead and break my heart with your red lace gloves
Will I never be so well-loved?
My heart is broken by such display
Can I ever be that way?
I am that way; I know it
But can I ever show it?
No, will it, will I ever be seen?
Perhaps only in a dream...

Break my heart with your pained art
As I'm walking around the school
I've got no reason to feel cool
The world around me will not see
Even though I so provoke them
With my hair out of place,
the raging makeup on my face,
and my red lace gloves

You see, I'm an artist so
Why does no one know?
Is it because I'm all alone?
yeah... I'm still on my own
I'll craft my skill; I'll ignite my will
Until themselves my comrades have shown

Go ahead and break my heart with your platform shoes, your flashy belts, your wild hair and colored faces
Your songs with such divinity have left their traces...
Now I'll get my way, yeah, I'm going places
I'll get my way with my art
Because it stole my heart
Long before the start
Long before I saw you

And then, I'll break hearts too
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