catwallpaper (catwallpaper) wrote,

I want you back
I want us to be a band again
I want to apologize for whatever happened, for what's past
I don't want that to be the last
Time we spend together

Because you knew about me
And I thought i knew about you
But I guess I confused what was true
Who'd have known with the way you smiled?
Who'd have known it'd only be a short while?

I was wrong I know; you never felt a single thing
I don't know; Did you at least like how I sing?
But see the real problem is that I cannot seem to forget
And I'm laced with regret
Because all that was said
Has fucked me up inside

I know you never cared; I tell myself that because how could you have?
Friends, true friends, do not forsake each other.
But.. I was sure we really felt one another
And the things you said, the look in your eyes
Was it all really lies?

The problem is now that I cannot find another like you
No one who gets it like you
No one who I feel cosmically connected to but
it doesn't matter
I'll keep starting anew
until these silly dreams disappear or come true
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